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Farbe / Color 10x10mm 12x12mm 18x18mm
00030 Crystal [00030] DF [Dura Foiled]      
00030 Crystal [00030] U [Unfoiled]      
00030AB Crystal Aurora Boreale [00030AB] DF [Dura Foiled]      
00030BBl Crystal Bermuda Blue [00030BBl] FALSCH      
00030Hon Crystal Honey [00030Hon] DF [Dura Foiled]      
00030Ntf Crystal Nightfall [00030Ntf] FALSCH      
00030VL Crystal Vitrail Light [00030VL] FALSCH      
60010 Aquamarine Bohemica [60010] DF [Dura Foiled]    
90100 Burgundy [90100] DF [Dura Foiled]    
30280 Dark Indigo [30280] DF [Dura Foiled]    
70350 Fuchsia [70350] DF [Dura Foiled]    
23980 Jet [23980] U [Unfoiled]    
80100 Jonquil [80100] DF [Dura Foiled]    
10330 Light Colorado Topaz [10330] DF [Dura Foiled]    
90300 Light Peach [90300] DF [Dura Foiled]    
70120 Light Rose [70120] DF [Dura Foiled]    
30020 Light Sapphire [30020] DF [Dura Foiled]    
90070 Light Siam [90070] DF [Dura Foiled]    
70010 Rose [70010] DF [Dura Foiled]    
10220 Smoked Topaz [10220] DF [Dura Foiled]    
Farbe / Color 10x10mm 12x12mm 18x18mm
20410 Tanzanite [20410] DF [Dura Foiled]    
70530 Vintage Rose [70530] DF [Dura Foiled]    
20310 Violet [20310] DF [Dura Foiled]